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A Message from the Mayor

A lot of misunderstanding has been generated by the "Loop" information posted on the Borough website, and in subsequent discussions on social media.  Just to clarify a few things, the presentation known as "the Loop" was conceived by an Atlantic Highlands resident, Mark Fisher, to offer some suggestions to alleviate both our traffic/safety issues, and our need for additional parking. In January, Mr. Fisher met with Chief Vasto, Borough Administrator Hubeny, Planning Board members Lou Fligor and Ed Cetron, (also Fire Department member) Chamber of Commerce President Cindy Fligor and myself to hear his ideas about solving these issues. Last year Mr. Fisher had been instrumental in gathering data to support the Second Avenue residents' street parking dilemma, which resulted in the resident Parking Ordinance passed last fall.      

In May, Mr. Fisher shared a longer version of a power point presentation of his ideas at two  meetings held in the Borough Hall Courtroom, one of which was a workshop session of a regular Borough Council meeting. Due to the low attendance at the meetings, I felt a greater number of residents could be reached by providing a condensed version of his presentation on the Borough website, with a format for comments. (at the meetings, Mr. Fisher had questionnaires to obtain and quantify feedback.)

First Avenue, like Ocean Blvd., is a Monmouth County road, and nothing can proceed until their traffic safety engineers get involved. In June I sent a letter to Freeholder Tom Arnone, who is the Director of the Departments of Public Works and Transportation, outlining our safety concerns and some of the solutions we would like implemented. He passed that along to the appropriate people in those departments. Chief Vasto and I are awaiting their response. When we meet with them, we'll have a better understanding of what our options are, and how to proceed. The safety of our residents is of the utmost importance on all of our streets.  

I must emphasize that nothing has been introduced by the Governing Body to vote on!! We are nowhere near that stage on any of the suggestions in that presentation. As always, get the facts before spreading rumors - be aware of what is being discussed at Planning Board, Harbor Commission or Council meetings.  Meeting agendas are posted, as required by law, on both the Borough website, and in Borough Hall on the bulletin board reserved for such notices. Feel free to email your thoughts or suggestions to me at:  

If you have any questions or concerns about the content of this website, please email the Borough Clerk.

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