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Green Map
The purpose of this green map is to report on the natural resource characteristics and environmental features of Atlantic Highlands. It covers dozens of sites in town under three main categories: sustainability, nature, and culture and society. It can serve as a guide for residents seeking green sites, features and services, while also enabling the identification of gaps and shortfalls in what exists. Ideally, the map would be used as a tool for planning and decision making in the community, including initiatives for resource protection.
The map was started as an Eagle Scout project. However, the intention has always been that the green map will be an ongoing project with community members welcome to add additional information and sites to the map. The Environmental Commission is responsible for managing the map updates.
The Green Map is open source software utilizing Google Maps to display sites within the scope of the map. The sites can be explored by clicking on any icon on the map. A list of the current icons used (and additional icons available for use) is given below).
There are two ways to access the Green Map and its sites:
 1) You can go to the Open Green Map site, where you can select the category and topic you want to explore. Then click on individual icons to see a map layer containing the icons for that topic. Or:
2) Utilize the map shown at  the bottom of this page, where you can explore by geographic area. 
To e xplore the green sites, click on any icon on the map and see the name of the site. Clicking on the site name opens a box that gives the site name and address,  a photo or video if available, the name of the submitter, and rating stars. To see additional explanatory text that is available for many sites, click the site name or the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner;  to expand for more details.  To close the window and continue exploring, click on the X in the upper right corner.
Using the legend on the right side of the screen, you can select or deselect icons based on your current interest. 
  • To expand the legend, just click on one of the main topics (Sustainable Living, Nature, or Culture and Society).
    You will then be shown a number of sub-topics with underlying icons. You may move your mouse over the icons to see a brief description of what each icon represents.
  • To contract the legend, just click on the main topic or sub-topic.
  • Use the check boxes to select or deselect the information you are interested in. 
  • To select just specific icons, select the subtopic so the icons are displayed.
    Then click the check box, so all the icons are faded.
    Then click on the icon(s) you are interested in.  
To add information to the map, you may comment on sites that are already shown on the map. The comments will be reviewed by the Environmental Commission before the comment is displayed to the public. You may also click on the SUGGEST A SITE tab at the top of the map. If you  register and login first , your username will appear on each site you have suggested, and you will receive an email when your suggestion is added to the map. Explore the map to make sure your suggestion fits its theme and area. Add local green living sites, nature, social innovation and cultural resources that will help the community make progress toward sustainability.   
The following categories can be noted on this map. However, only the ones used are in black. The ones in grey can be used, but there are not current sites listed.   

Sustainable Living
Green Economy

Farmers/Local Market
Healthy Dining
Organic/Local Food
Green Enterprise
Green Store
Local Business
Reuse Shop/Market
Fair Trade
Responsible Company
Social Enterprise
Ecotourism Resource
Repair Shop
Technology & Design
Solar Energy Site
Wind Energy Site
Water Energy Site
Water Recycling
Geothermal/Ground Heat Site
Green Building
Green Roof
Self-Built House
Composting Site
Scientific Research Site
Green Technology
Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Energy Conservation
Paper Reduction Site
Green Cleaning
Bicycle Site
Bicycle Path
Bicycle Parking
Pedestrian Friendly
Wheelchair Accessible
Public/Mass Transportation
Light Rail/Bus Rapid Transit
Water Transport
Alternative Fuel/Vehicles
Park 'N Ride Facility
Traffic Hazard
Caution Zone
Hazards & Challenges
Blight Site
Air Pollution
Water Pollution Source
Waste Dump
Contaminated Site
Brownfield Site
Vulnerable Site
Habitat at Risk
Climate Changed Area
Disaster Area
Abandoned Site
Unhealthy Spot
Noise Pollution
Oil/Gas Facility
Nuclear Facility Site
Mining Site
Land & Water
Waterfront/Riverside Park
Water Feature
Drinking Water Source
Natural Corridor/Greenway
Geological Feature
Eco-Design/Planning Feature
Cleaned-up/Rebuilt Site
Future Redevelopment Space
Eco Landscaping
Shaded Boulevard
Public Forest/Natural Area
Special Tree
Native Forest/Plants
Community Garden
Spring Blossoms
Autumn Leaves
Rapidly Renewable Plants
Food Gathering Site
Significant Habitat
Wildlife Habitat
Amphibian Habitat
Coastal Habitat
Aquatic Habitat
Wildlife Center/Zoo
Protected/Cultivated Habitat
Insect Watching Site
Bird & Wildlife Watching
Duck Pond
Farm Animals
Migration Zone
Outdoor Activity
Park/Recreation Area
Public Space/Square
Sport Site/Play with Nature
Eco-tour/Nature Walk
Canoe/Kayak Site
Sailing/Row Boat Launch
Skateboard Site
Dog Run
Snow Activity Site
Scenic Vista
Sunrise/Sunset Site
Star Gazing Site
Culture & Society
Cultural Character
Cultural Site
Art Spot
Cultural Performance
Local Music
Lively Spot
Artisan/Art Studio
Traditional Way of Life
Historical Feature
Archaeological Site
Traditional Neighborhood
Diverse Neighborhood
Community Center
Child Friendly Site
Senior Friendly Site
Eco-Spiritual Site
Alternative Health Resource
Memorial/Site of Conscience
Eco Information
Environmental Education
Green School

Public Library
Green Maps Available
Online Resources

WiFi Spot
Pollution Monitor
Eco Certification
Special Site
Appointment Needed
Justice & Activism
Eco-Justice Organization
Eco Club/Organization
Significant org/Agency
Volunteer Site
Eco Expert
Social Service
Food Bank
Vote Here
Free Speech Zone
Poor Labor Practice
Unsustainable Land Use
Shanty Town
Refugee Area
Public Works & Landmarks
Waste Water Treatment Plant
Energy Infrastructure
Solid Waste Transfer Station

Government Office
Place of Worship
Information Kiosk
Landmark Dining/Pub

WC/Public Restroom
Prison/Detention Center
Military Site